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Multiple Maps in Exchange Pages

5:16 PM September 23rd 2008

We have now added 2 addition maps to the exchange page section. Heatmaps are one of the cool features of ADSL2exchanges. Everyone want to know the speed that's they'll get from ADSL2+. We have this great maps with heat points on the site but they weren't as easy to get too as the main page. So we added them so they're 1 click away. Also, please summit your speed so we can get more data.

We also have great maps on RIMs. So we added them also. We hope these new maps make your visit even more enjoyable.

Address Lookup Online

5:16 PM January 30th 2008

  • Address Lookup ONLINE

  • Ever since I started adsl2exchanges.com.au I wanted to provide the ability to determine what exchange a property is connected to without having to have a phone number. With thanks to TPG that is now possible. The exchange boundary data for all the metro Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide exchanges are now available on the website with the remaining capital cities being added very soon. The exchange lookup by address can be extremely useful if you do not have a phone line connected, or are looking at buying or renting in a new area and want to know what your ADSL2+ option would be.

  • Forums now online.

  • Online discussion forums have also been added to the website so please feel free to log on and create a new thread or join the discussion.

  • Logo Creation

  • We need your help. adsl2exchanges.com.au needs a logo for its website so if you have a creative mind and a little time to design a logo please email in your logo to email@adsl2exchanges.com.au While there isn't any requirements ideally the logo would go at the top of the webpage replacing the website address.

Website Update

5:40 PM November 20th 2007

  • Put Yourself on the MAP!

  • State based HeatMaps have now been added to the website and become quite popular. They can be seen by all registered users by selecting "HeatMap" next to the state of their choice in the navigation. At the moment there isn't quite enough sync speeds submitted to have a heatmap per exchange, however there are a few exchanges getting close to the required minimum. So if you haven't submitted your sync speed yet, now is the time.

  • 1,000 registered users

  • Since adding a registration option on the website not too long ago we now have over 1,000 users already registered. Great work guys.

  • Logo Creation

  • We need your help. adsl2exchanges.com.au needs a logo for its website so if you have a creative mind and a little time to design a logo please email in your logo to email@adsl2exchanges.com.au While there isn't any requirements ideally the logo would go at the top of the webpage replacing the website address.

  • New View Suburb

  • The Suburb View has had a bit of a make over. In the past there were just purple dots where RIMs are thought to be located, now they display the port availability for the RIMs. A green dot means there is more than 24 ports available, an Orange dot means between 1 and 24 ports and a Red dot means there are no ports available.

  • Beta Testers required

  • Some beta testers are needed for the forums that will go on the website. So if you would like to use the forums first and help make them better than please email email@adsl2exchanges.com.au asking about being a beta tester.

Latest Updates

2:40 PM September 4th 2007

  • Primus turns on ADSL2+

  • Primus Telecom has enabled ADSL2+ at many exchanges with more coming online soon. The enabled exchanges have been added to the website and email alerts sent to people on effected exchanges.

    You can also select "Status" next to the state/territory of your choice to see their rollout.

  • Exchange Views closing on 200k

  • Since July 4th when we hit the 100,000 mark the number of exchange views has almost doubled, and the Detailed Summary has increased by 150%. Great to see the website increasing.

  • Exchange Coverage Area

  • Selected exchanges have an overlay of the area they service. One example of this is the Bulwer exchange in Perth. The blue area is the expected coverage area for the exchange. Unfortunately only a couple of exchanges have coverage area included, but hopefully in the future all exchanges will get this feature.

    One of the features i would like to be able to add in the future is an exchange lookup by address. The thought behind this is that people looking to buy or rent in an area can see what exchange they would most likely be connected to.

Website Updates

12:10 PM July 4th 2007

As always there is constant work on the website (some visible, some not). So, here is a list of things recently.

  • Website News section.

  • This is a section so you can see what's new and coming soon to the website. I will try and update this every couple of weeks to let you know what I have been working on lately.

  • Broadband News section.

  • At the moment this is a feed from Whirlpool, however in the future it will expand to all news outlets, with the option for emailing you the news.

  • Provider Stats

  • This is a section so you can see what providers have the most enabled exchanges per State. At the moment TPG is one infront of Optus in NSW, Chime is leading in WA, ACT, NT and TAS, Optus in QLD and VIC and Agile leading in SA.

  • New "State Status"

  • The Status page for each state has had a little overhaul. Information should be easier to read.

  • Exchange Photos

  • Thank you to everyone so far that has uploaded photos. There have been many people helping, and a few that have been extremely helpful. Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory at the moment are very bare, so if you can help there please do so.

  • User Registration

  • As some of you may have noticed you are now able to register to the website. Those that have registered have the option to add exchanges to their "My Exchanges" list. This places a link on each page that will go straight back to your exchange page.

    I am currently working on extra sections for out registered users. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    General Statistics

    Closing in very fast on 100,000 Exchange Views which is great to see, also the Detailed Summary is approaching 10,000 which is fantastic. Hopefully this growth can continue.

    News and Answers

    6:11 PM June 18th 2007

    A Section has been added to the website to help answer those common questions and keep you up to date:

    • FAQ

    Website Soars as Internode increase price

    5:52 PM June 15th 2007

    As Internode increased its prices on Monday morning, site traffic has received a welcomed boost.

    Users are now able to register to the website. Registered users will have a range of features coming soon, including links directly to your exchanges and post on the upcoming forums.

    50,000 exchange views is rapidly approaching, thanks for all that use the website.

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