SpinTel Bundle
A Red dot means there is no ports available. An Orange dot means there is between 1 and 24 ports available. A Green dot means there is more than 24 ports available. A Purple dot means that the street is more likely to be connected to a RIM system and there is unknown ports remaining.

All RIMs prevent ADSL2+ being available. If there are no dots then your phone line should support ADSL2+ if your exchange has been enabled.
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Closest Exchanges
Exchange Distance ADSL2+
CHRISTMAS ISLAND 11720.98 KM Planned
ROPER RIVER 14777.27 KM Planned
SOUTH KILKERRAN 14178.75 KM Planned
TUREE CREEK 15259.02 KM Planned
TRIANGLE FLAT 15093.15 KM Planned

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