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Plan Name Data Quota Overquota Action Cash BPay Direct Debit Cheque Visa American Express Price
Plan Speed: 24000 / 1024
Really Naked Lite 30,000 MB (+30,000 MB) Shaped (256k) $49.90 Sign Up
Reach24 Lite 200,000 MB Shaped (64k) $49.90 Sign Up
Really Naked Basic 120,000 MB (+120,000 MB) Shaped (256k) $59.90 Sign Up
Reach24 Basic 300,000 MB Shaped (64k) $59.90 Sign Up
Really Naked Flexi Unlimited Unlimited - $69.90 Sign Up
Reach24 Pro 400,000 MB Shaped (64k) $69.90 Sign Up
Bundling RequiredReach24 Starter 50,000 MB Shaped (64k) $39.90 Sign Up
Bundling RequiredFreedomOne 120,000 MB Shaped (256k) $79.90 Sign Up

Setup Costs

1 month contract
No Modem$129.00
12 month contract
No Modem$79.00
24 month contract
No Modem$0.00

Additional Notes

Important information
Early cancellation charges may be applicable to your ADSL plan and setup option. Please note that the ADSL service may be automatically cancelled when you
* Cancel the telephone service * Relocate the telephone service * Order an incompatible telephony product * Change telephone service provider * Change your preselection away The ADSL service is non suspendable and can only be used on the provisioned telephone line.
ADSL can be invoiced quarterly or automatically deducted monthly. All accounts are payable in advance.
*Express 24 Starter Special is only available to new ADSL2+ clients. Once you exceed 600Mb in usage, you will be upgraded to the Express 24 Starter plan for $29.90 and cannot return to the Express 24 Starter Special plan.
Provisioning of the ADSL service requires that all telephony devices on the designated ADSL line are fitted with an inline filter. Most devices can be filtered by the use of a small in-line filter. Monitored Alarms, wall phones or premises with telephone systems must have a Central Line Splitter installed by an Austel approved cabler.
Failure to install filters may cause line and adsl service instability.
# Express24 plans have a Maximum speed of Up to 24Mbps/1Mbps, minimum 1.5Mbps/256k. When the Express plan is activated your modem will negotiate a stable download speed. This speed is dependent on various factors such as line quality and length from the telephone exchange, internal wiring and your ADSL modem.
To be eligible for the free connection on a NEW telephone line, you must agree to waive your CSG rights.

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