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posted 11:34PM
Tue 3rd Dec 2019
Different style of animations being used nowadays
As the technology industry has improved and new and innovative ways of doing things have come forth many things have changed. Nowadays the use of animated videos have risen a lot as compare to the earlier years if the 21st century. There are many different styles of animations that are now being used to make animated videos. And nowadays animation has become very easy and anyone can create animated characters provided they have interest in the field. The different styles of animations that are most commonly used are 2d animations, 3d animations, whiteboard animation, stop motion and etc. Are there any other new styles of animations that are being used these days?
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posted 11:08PM
Sat 7th Dec 2019
Yes, Nowadays Animation is very popular and it is used on every website. I am a graphic designer and I am also using animation on my designing work. Currently, I am working on https://www.toptenwritingservices.com/grammarly-reviews/ website and on this website, I am using animation effects. Because my client told me to add animations on his website.
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