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posted 02:00PM
Mon 4th May 2020
Coronavirus: The seven types of people who start and spread viral misinformation

Conspiracy theories, misinformation and speculation about coronavirus have flooded social media. But who starts these rumours? And who spreads them?

We've investigated hundreds of misleading stories during the pandemic. It's given us an an idea about who is behind misinformation - and what motivates them. Here are seven types of people who start and spread falsehoods

You'd hope no-one was fooled by a WhatsApp voice note claiming the government was cooking a giant lasagne in Wembley stadium to feed Londoners. But some people didn't get the joke.

To take a slightly more serious example, a prankster created a screenshot of a fake government text that claimed the recipient had been fined for leaving the house too many times. He thought it would be funny to scare people breaking lockdown rules.

After encouraging his followers to share it on Instagram, it found its way to local Facebook groups, where it was posted by worried residents, some of whom took it seriously.

What is your opinion about this? Enter your opinion here: slotxo
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posted 07:28PM
Tue 5th May 2020
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posted 09:36PM
Mon 11th May 2020
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posted 06:39AM
Wed 24th Jun 2020
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