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posted 11:46PM
Sat 12th Jul 2008
What has happened to the TPG ADSL2+ installation timeline for the Bentleigh & Mooroolbark exchanges. Bentleigh has been on hold for about nine months and Mooroolbark which was announced in April 08 seems to have dropped of the TPG list
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posted 04:59AM
Fri 17th Oct 2008
I too am after information on ADSL2+ in Mooroolbark...

Can anyone help me out with some details?

I see Bayswater and Croydon are live and active but Mooroolbark isn't even on the list?
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posted 09:23AM
Fri 17th Oct 2008
MORK isn't listed as a capped site by Telstra, BUT it isn't listed as a TEBA established site. What this means is when someone wants to build a TEBA area (which is where the providers put all their racks) the first provider normally establishes an area. They setup a power system, superstructure and arrange air conditioning. Generally the provider pays some of the install and Telstra pays some.

From the outside looking in, it would seem that TPG dont want to pay any setup costs so they might wait for someone else to enable the exchange.
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posted 05:45PM
Tue 25th Dec 2018
They setup a power system, superstructure and arrange air conditioning, game clicker heroes
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posted 09:02PM
Tue 30th Apr 2019
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posted 08:32PM
Mon 6th May 2019
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posted 09:56PM
Sat 18th May 2019
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posted 08:05PM
Thu 22nd Aug 2019
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posted 08:34PM
Thu 5th Sep 2019
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