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posted 04:23PM
Thu 15th Oct 2020
Trend micro provides the award-winning antivirus products to secure the computer and other smart devices and data. Install trend micro using trendmicro and proceed for trend micro activation to prevent your device and data from viruses and threats. With the Trendmicro, you can protect your data and device
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posted 06:03PM
Fri 16th Oct 2020
Click here for more information about SKF 61913-2RS1 bearing

Compared with the round bearing, the advantages of the oval mesh bearing are first of all, its good stability, if the shaft sways up and down during operation, such as upward shaking, the upper interspace becomes smaller, the oil film k force becomes larger, and the lower The gap becomes larger and the oil film pressure becomes smaller. The change of the combined force of the two components will push the journal back to the original position to stabilize the shaft operation. Secondly, due to the large side clearance, the amount of oil flowing out in the axial direction is large and the heat dissipation is good. The temperature of the bearing is low; but the bearing capacity of this bearing is low. Due to the generation of upper and lower oil films, the power consumption is large. The vibration resistance in the vertical direction is good, but the vibration resistance in the horizontal direction is poor.
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