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posted 04:32AM
Sat 26th Sep 2020
Do you want to restrict the payment method? Payment restrictions Magento 2 extension helps the store owner to restrict the payment methods any time for any customer group. Also, the admin can allow bank transfer for wholesaler customer groups for their big amount of purchase.
For more info: https://www.cynoinfotech.com/product/payment-restriction-magento-2-extension/
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User: 76151 - 3 posts

posted 10:12PM
Sun 27th Sep 2020
Nice thanks. I've been thinking about getting merchant account for all the incoming payments and for buying online as well. Faster better. Will check your service as well
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User: 42087 - 7 posts

posted 11:03PM
Sun 27th Sep 2020
There's always some mess involved in gambling money withdrawal. A lot of casinos can take your money and then require account verifications. In addition to that, some will give you your money after days and days of waiting. In order to solve this issue once and for all read this article https://ggbetapk.com/dengi/. Hope it helps.
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User: 76151 - 3 posts

posted 09:54AM
Sun 18th Oct 2020
Just get a merchant account and you'll secure a payment gateway just like that. No invoices, just instant payments for any type of purchase your clients do. Here's the obvious pick https://wellcoinpay.com/secure-payment-gateway/. No fees, no paperwork. Check it out
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