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posted 06:24PM
Tue 15th Apr 2008
I've been looking into signing up on a Naked DSL plan from iinet. Just wondering what it's like for others who already use it?
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Slogans for all


posted 03:38PM
Fri 18th Apr 2008
Heard that there has been some delays in getting the line physically connected, but that is more a Telstra problem I believe.
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U Never Know Unless U Try.!

posted 01:54AM
Mon 5th Jan 2009
I'm about to change over to " iiNet Naked " myself in the next few days.!
- Actually, starting from the 11th/Jan I'll be cutting off from my current Isp.!

* I'll report back here on how long it takes.! |

** Quick Position I Am In ;

Currently on OPTUS Lines.!! - Going too --> Telstra Lines
Waiting for a Scheduled Date, then it's On from there.!
Ball Is Rolling, *Voice Authorization* from me has been done.!
But they do say ; " 21 Business Days To Complete.! " - We'll see.?
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User: 693 - 1 posts
in the sin bin

posted 10:03AM
Sat 10th Jan 2009
HI there,

The way I did it was.....
I went back to a telstra home phone, then connected ADSL2+ with iiNet. After all that was up and running (within the week) I then upgraded my connection to NDSL porting my home phone number across. That way I was only without a phone for a day and didnt loose internet connection except for an hour whilst Telstra did the exchange work.
Telstra charged me a $65 disconnection fee for the home phone...easy.

Pete H
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User: 5822 - 1 posts

posted 12:35PM
Fri 24th Apr 2009
Tried to connect to Naked DSL, from hoppers crossing but was told by Internode no ports available in Tarneit Exchange!

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User: 7493 - 1 posts
Oh! for goodness sake!

posted 03:01PM
Mon 22nd Aug 2011
What part of this site do you go to find out if its available to an address? I have an address (where I'm planning on moving to), but no phone number (because I'm not there yet). The whole point of naked is not have a fixed phone....right? So do I need to get one, so that I have one, so that I can get rid of it?

How does the speed and connection of naked compare with regular broadband 1 & 2? Is it anywhere near as bad as those wireless stick modems?
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posted 03:06AM
Mon 25th Mar 2019
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posted 04:38AM
Fri 17th May 2019
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