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i am he as you are he

posted 09:36AM
Sun 17th Feb 2008
After 18months pure frusttration with a nb5plus4 its in the bin!

Ok problems were sometimes very small. int line drops, overnight i thought it was dodo and modem just didnt reconnect, voip frustration - quality dropping words, very poor line quality (spa3000 which should have been ok) thought it was budget visp pennytell problem!

anyway decididing that voip was so bad the family had given up after the first week i have bought a new 7401 billion.

wowo. allways connected! Voip is more than useable, its Fantastic. throttling and qos in the 7401 makes it s0! I can surf/download, daughter can p2p (she is throttled a lot! (she pays nothing towards it so gets reduced speeds) wifes email works just great, (with nb5plus4 she had to freq restart and get dble lots of emails) and i cant believe the difference between products!

and yet the nb4plus4 is still being sold retail and poor sods are buying them.

Ok it appears there is a bug in the ar7 ti chip set that affected over 30% of all modems made some 2-3 years ago. I dont want anyone to go through what shxt we had to put up with having a dodgy flawed product.

Voip is so great i have ditched the old panasonic cordless 40mhz phone (battery was crap anyway) and got a new uniden dect 6 1.9gig cordless. Range is 4 times batter than any other cordless i have tried inc 2.4 and 5.8 and just works. Its hands free is amazing too.

Og a few ramblings but the basics are here to help people.

good luck,


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User: 503 - 30 posts
uncle bob
save whales, eat a jap

posted 12:15AM
Thu 21st Feb 2008
Yep, the 7401's ok in my books too.
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User: 1 - 173 posts
Slogans for all


posted 10:21AM
Mon 25th Feb 2008
Never had a netcomm, been very happy with my Linksys
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User: 6230 - 6 posts
Harry Beetle
Taste A little bit ?

posted 04:37PM
Wed 16th Sep 2009
Dynalink RTA1025W is Thumbs up in my book
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User: 5162 - 6 posts
great success

posted 04:41PM
Wed 16th Sep 2009
Harry Beetle writes..

No way. Dynalink suck. The best device to get is a Siemens Speedstream 4200 with Single Port Ethernet. It also works excellent with VOIP
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User: 6300 - 8 posts

posted 09:33AM
Mon 12th Oct 2009
Why not try the Belkin N1 Vision Modem/router out of all the routers i use (keeping in mind i work at a electrical retailer) most stable and reliable also comes with a lifetime warranty. I was also connected for 24hrs straight last night (adsl1) also keeping in mind my court cant get ADSL1 as the exchange is to far from them :)
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User: 42880 - 1 posts
Stephanie Hester
Omnis anim sint eiusmod ducimu

posted 06:24PM
Sat 24th Aug 2019
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User: 48086 - 22 posts
Anyone have a good guide, plea

posted 04:30PM
Tue 14th Jan 2020
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