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User: 57001 - 27 posts

posted 06:45PM
Thu 13th Aug 2020
I need to write an abstract for my English literature class, but I can't finish it because I dont understand what Im doing wrong. This is the third time my professor has given me back my writing for editing, but I still can't find mistakes to correct them. What can I do to figure out what an annotation is and what are the formatting rules for this text?
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User: 57169 - 28 posts

posted 07:12PM
Thu 13th Aug 2020
Perhaps an essay abstract example can help you figure this out? I'm not perfect for writing, but I'm not the worst student. I would say that I write mediocre texts, but mostly my professor has no problem with my essays. Before starting to write any type of tasks, I always look for more information about it on the Internet. You can find many useful educational resources that greatly help students with their studies. Here
https://wr1ter.com/how-to-write-an-abstract , for example, I found detailed guide about abstracts. I hope this can help you. In this article, the author explains in very simple words the complex structure of good abstract.
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User: 57001 - 27 posts

posted 06:56AM
Mon 17th Aug 2020
I liked this student portal, I'm grateful for your help. It seems that I really understood what I need to do to complete this task for my college on time. Thanks again for your help!
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User: 63264 - 5 posts

posted 05:31AM
Sun 18th Oct 2020
If youre tired of looking for who can do my science homework for me ?, heres a solution for you! This site!
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User: 55405 - 7 posts

posted 11:29PM
Mon 19th Oct 2020
Its not easy being a student nowadays. Students also struggle with writing stuff It's obvious that they need help because sometimes. Countless homework stuff and upcoming deadlines seems overwhelming.
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User: 55400 - 8 posts

posted 11:53PM
Mon 19th Oct 2020
I often have to write essays, and not because it requires from me my head. I write it on my own initiative and then I contact this wow essay company to help me to get finished with all the homework stuff. And if I get a good essay, then I am already fluent in the topic and understood it comprehensively and are ready to present an exhaustive look at the new subject that became the starting point of my thoughts. Only in this case, I confidently proceed to perform the work tasks to me.
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User: 79578 - 1 posts

posted 09:10PM
Fri 23rd Oct 2020
This topic seems to be random to me and i am not able to make some sense out of this so if you know what https://www.assignmentgeek.com.au/ can be done and used in the following years then i would like to go for this for them and my later usage in academics.
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