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all is well

posted 08:52PM
Fri 31st Jul 2020
Can I get a permanent residency in Dubai?
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User: 54804 - 42 posts

posted 07:25PM
Sat 1st Aug 2020
No. Dubai or UAE or all Arab Gulf countries do not offer permanent residency. You should be an employee working in a local company or you should have your own business. Once you leave your job and wind up your business then you should leave Dubai.
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User: 54806 - 37 posts

posted 07:59PM
Sat 1st Aug 2020

Yes, you can. I recommend to contact to these guys about https://emirabiz.com/getting-uae-residency/ and be sure of their competence and qualification. My cousin used to get this visa a few years ago in that region and said that he wouldn`t manage without the support and knowledge of this company. Hope it can help

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posted 12:55AM
Sun 2nd Aug 2020
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posted 05:41AM
Sun 2nd Aug 2020
contact them
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