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posted 04:43PM
Fri 12th Apr 2019
turbotax support - TurboTax is one of the leading software that helps to manage all tax-related to income tax returns, etc. If you are submit e-filling in TurboTax, and you select the transmit returns button, and it doesn’t work, that means the source of the problem is “cookies” code that is sent to your browser so we can personalize the user experience.

Here some tips to fix TurboTax e-filling transmission issues;
1. Disable the pop-up blocking in your web browser, and try again.
2. If step 1 didn't work, then delete all cookies to the browser.
3. Now check, its working or not, if it's still not working, then use another web browser. (For example, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, then try Chrome)

If you face any other efilling transmission errors in TurboTax, get in touch with TurboTax customer services and get help from the TurboTax customer care number expert team and live chat with the techies.
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