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Amazon Firestick Support

posted 04:00PM
Sat 23rd Feb 2019
Terrarium TV is an app that allows you to a host of TV shows on your smartphone. You can follow these steps to Install Terrarium TV on Amazon Fire Stick:

• Connect your phone and firestick to the same Wi-Fi
• Install the Terrarium TV and Apps2Fire app on your phone.
• Open Firestick and follow this thread setting > Networks > Get IP Address
• Now open Apps2fire App and go to Setup
• Enter the firestick IP Address
• Select Terrarium TV and transfer to it Firestick
• Complete the steps to install Terrarium TV

If you have an issue at any of the given steps you can always call the Amazon Firestick Customer Support and speak with an expert.

For more Info visit here: - https://www.firestick-solution.com/

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good life

posted 06:00PM
Fri 29th Mar 2019
The way to install Terrarium TV on Firestick is amazing and simple. I appreciate your way.
fnaf world
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