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posted 08:10PM
Thu 25th Jun 2020
It is clear that the new operating system has come with great benefits comparing to other ones. Microsoft has done a good job and keep doing it. You can have free great windows upgrade whenever you want as they come out quite common and have regard to different points of enhancement security, speed, apps, and another important part of the system. You will keep yourself with time and explore new and new things with the same Windows 10 no matter how long you will have used it.

Let's see Install Windows 10 updates from a USB drive.

- Choose your USB drive from the list and click Next.
- When finished, navigate to the USB drive and double-click setup.exe to start the Windows 10 upgrade process.
- Follow all the on-screen instructions until you see a message saying Installing Windows 10.
- As soon as your PC Reboot, remove the USB drive then follow the remaining instructions to finish the installation.

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