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Desktop Gold

posted 07:47PM
Fri 8th Feb 2019
Desktop icons help you access applications and programs faster. Here are some steps you can follow if you see that the AOL Desktop Gold icon is missing from your desktop:
1. Go to the taskbar by the system clock and click the ‘Expand icon’ option.
2. Use your mouse and right-click AOL Desktop Gold icon.
3. Look for the ‘Create Desktop Shortcut’ and click on it.
If you have any other problem related to download AOL gold link you can contact customer service through their website.

Click here - install aol gold desktop

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posted 01:37PM
Thu 21st Feb 2019
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posted 08:16PM
Mon 9th Sep 2019
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posted 12:01AM
Thu 12th Sep 2019
To restore a missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon or Shortcut, recreate the icon through installed AOL files on system. For this, Go to My Computer-> Drive C-> Program Files-> AOL. Then, Cheyenne Jackson Jacket search for the AOL Desktop gold icon in the folder.
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posted 07:57PM
Thu 19th Sep 2019
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posted 06:50PM
Tue 15th Oct 2019
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