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posted 10:08PM
Tue 22nd Jan 2019
When you face the sleep mode problems on the computer, then try these steps to fix the problem:
Check the power supply and make sure that your computer is connected with power supply and a working Electric socket.
If the voltage on the power supply is fluctuating then, dont connect the laptop without a power adapter.
Go to device manager and allow the keyboard to wake up the computer from sleep mode. This will help you to easily wake up the computer screen just by pressing a keyboard key.
Update computer drivers installed on the computer.
Also, you can take help from Dell tech support phone number. This number will take you to the certified techies, who will surely provide a satisfactory answer to solve the problem.

Solved: How to Solve Sleep Mode Problems on a Dell Computer

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User: 37401 - 1 posts

posted 04:07PM
Sat 2nd Feb 2019
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good life

posted 01:33PM
Fri 22nd Feb 2019
How to fix the problem you share very well. I will note how you do this. Thanks very much.
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posted 09:05PM
Thu 28th Feb 2019
This type of problems is mostly i saw in all the computers. And now i just have to share it's see post solution. I hope you all come here and check this solution this is good enough for you.
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