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posted 05:28PM
Thu 3rd Jan 2019
Just so I understand, you have a sbcglobal.net email address and a yahoo.net (or whatever) email address. Two different email accounts, one under att and one under yahoo.  You want to move all the stuff you have in the sbcglobal.net account into the yahoo.net account.  Is that correct?  If so, the more general question/problem is how do you move the contents of one email account to another.  Is that essentially the question?


Simple answer.  If you are only using the webmail (i.e., these accounts through a browser) you cannot do it.


To effect moving from these particular two email services (which are both run by Yahoo by the way) the only way you can do the transfer is to use an email client app (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.).  Set up the from and to accounts as IMAP in the client.  Let the from account sync with the client, i.e., it's going to download all the mailboxes from the from the server and their contents into the client (which could take a while).  Once downloaded copy the mailboxes from the from the account in the client into them to account in the client.  That will cause the client to sync with the to server and thus upload all the stuff into the to account.  Of course, why use the webmail at all?  Just continue to use the client email app which, IMO, is always a better way to access email than webmail through a browser? 

SBCglobal email settingsSBCglobal mail settingsSBCglobal net email login
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posted 12:19AM
Thu 10th Jan 2019
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Thu 17th Jan 2019
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