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Wed 15th Apr 2020
Woman on Top. Let's start at Woman on top. In this position, the researchers warned me. That it is quite dangerous and has been ranked in the top 3 dangerous dangers all the time Because this position, women have to be in charge of the love game on the top During the love mission, may miss the wrong timing, causing injury, or even the brother may be broken (tear). The research also states that men Who come to the doctor because of the pain. Most of the world comes from having sex with this position. Standing Up comes to Standing Up or Monkey holding a melon posture, which men have to stand up straight and hold a woman. Manage slamming the joy This position is not suitable for men who are not strong. Thin spine Or have osteoporosis Because it requires a lot of weight to support weight Therefore, if you are not an athlete or fit This position is not required. Best wishes. Reverse. Cowgirl, ending with Reverse Cowgirl, I would like to give an explanation of Dr. Kampanat Phonyotkrai, Urologist The owner of the page gave information about male health care. Sarikahappymen Which had previously been written about this post, "Start with lying down After that, let the woman sit up. But instead of facing each other Became turned to the toe instead Like a horse riding on the back, so he called a Reverse Cowgirl, then pressed the Push Start button. Keep going of it Which if only this, it would be smoothly smooth without stumbling But now when the piston starts to fast Heater The consciousness disappeared and the body could not be stopped. It began to be crushed, crushed, shook the way. >> SLOTXO
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