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prickle farmer

posted 07:13PM
Tue 20th Nov 2018
shortly moving to another location and have been trying to find out what the ADSL data is like. it has wireless broadband in the region but we all know how annoying that is.
anyway, every time I enter an address I get "Unfortunately we were unable to locate your address from GoogleMaps". If I search via Map I get "This page can't load Google Maps correctly". searching for the exchange, the maps are branded 'for development purposes only.
I'm wondering. is the site 'because of a fault or is it off because people are just hooking into NBN?
not all areas are covered yet and those covered via wireless...well..
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Living With Slow Internet

posted 07:34PM
Fri 18th Jan 2019
I am having the same difficulties so i am not sure how to get it to work sorry. Im just poking around because it says im NBN connected but no ISP is ready for me yet lmao.
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