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posted 08:56PM
Mon 5th Nov 2018
If the Alexa get stranded on a white screen, then you won’t be able to move further. Besides this, if you find the light on the ring blue instead of orange, then it is hard to finish the setup. Nevertheless, to say, there is nothing to worry, we are going to help you out.

Configure Alexa and Echo properly: In order to start with the process, you must configure the Alexa app on your phone. For this, you must connect the device to the power supply. The ring will turn blue then orange. Launch Alexa app and check for yellowish light on the ring.
Begin by launching an app and sign-in to it: Start by opening an app and enter the login details you use to login to Amazon account. If you are using this for the first time, then sign-up first.
Wait for the orange light on Echo: You need to connect the Echo to the wireless network. Wait for some minutes and check if the orange light on the device turns orange or not.
Connect the device to Wi-Fi manually: Connect the device to the available wireless network manually. The setup process is important and requires proper implementation of each and every step. Go to ‘Wi-Fi’ settings from the phone and search for ‘Amazon’ network under wireless networks list.
Connect to home Wi-Fi: Enter the SSID if not given and enter the password for the same. If you want, you can save the password for future use. 

Amazon Echo SupportConnect Amazon Echo To Bluetooth SpeakerAmazon Echo Help
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posted 02:23PM
Tue 27th Nov 2018
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posted 03:50PM
Thu 17th Jan 2019
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posted 06:38PM
Tue 27th Aug 2019

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