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User: 46838 - 27 posts

posted 08:43PM
Tue 14th Apr 2020
Facebook issued its first correction notice on a user's post at the request of the Singapore government on Saturday, according to the notice seen by Reuters.

The government said on Friday that it ordered Facebook to publish a correction on a user's social media post under a new "fake news" law, raising fresh questions about how the company will adhere to government requests to regulate content.

"Facebook is legally required to tell you that the Singapore government says this post has false information," the notice said.

The correction notice was embedded at the bottom of the original post without any alterations to the text.
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User: 59211 - 3 posts

posted 04:39AM
Tue 21st Apr 2020
This is a great initiative by singapore government to make law to control fake new and illegal stuff on Facebook.Hope every one follow this law and play their role.best off road hoverboard under 300
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User: 59278 - 1 posts

posted 08:05PM
Tue 21st Apr 2020
Facebook issues first correction notice at Singapore. Before start to do anything you have to check the issue which is start for correction and it is also a time for notice issue which mostly come while we are trying to solve Facebook ukwritings reviews and solve the issue which mostly come on Facebook.
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User: 63036 - 11 posts

posted 06:44PM
Wed 15th Jul 2020
AkinatorThanks for keeping us updated with the latest.
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User: 81247 - 2214 posts

posted 07:38PM
Thu 3rd Dec 2020
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