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posted 06:26PM
Fri 12th Oct 2018
With Linksys Wireless N range extender you can increase the signal strength of your wireless signal in hard to access areas where the signal strength is limited for the wired and wireless network. If you have bought a new Wireless range extender from Linksys, then here are some steps to manually configure it.

Before starting the process, you must ensure the below mentioned things. You need to have these things in your hand.
Wireless Network name.
Wi-Fi key or network security key.
Wireless channel.

If you want to change or check the settings of your Wireless range extender, then you need to login to the Linksys cloud account from the login page.

Reset Linksys extender: For resetting the extender, press and hold the Reset button given on the top of the device. Press for at least 5 seconds. You will notice LED start blinking on the front panel. This will reset to factory default settings.

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posted 01:57PM
Tue 20th Nov 2018
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