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User: 34909 - 3 posts
Tony Abbot is PURE SCUM!

posted 08:53PM
Tue 3rd Jul 2018
Autralias internet is the most putrid and disgusting joke on the planet, when a filthy scum bag like tony abbott can steal 11 billion dollars out of the nbn coffers and hamstring what labour had wanted for australias future with optic fibre all the way to the bedroom and not the disgusting scummy joke that liberal has given us.
2018 and our internet is a filthy disgusting rip off expensive lie!!
I play a game with Europeans and they even asked why is australia using ancient and outdated technology such as ADSL2, we are less than a third world nation when it come to our internet thanks to the corrupt and greedy politicians and ISP and also the lazy ill informed swine life style of the average aussie!!! SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING!!!!
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User: 34909 - 3 posts
Tony Abbot is PURE SCUM!

posted 05:57PM
Wed 4th Jul 2018
What? No reply??
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