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posted 08:29PM
Thu 11th Jun 2020
The number of cured or discharged Covid-19 patients in India is higher than active cases for the first time.

On Wednesday, the health ministry said 135,205 people had recovered in comparison to the 133,632 active cases in the country.

But infections in India have been on the rise for weeks now, and experts are especially worried about surges after the country eased out of its harsh lockdown this week.

Hotspots include big cities like the national capital, Delhi, and the financial capital, Mumbai, which have more than 30,000 and 50,000 cases respectively.

Delhi's deputy chief minister earlier warned that infections could by the end of July cross half a million in the city, where hospitals are already struggling to cope.

India has more than 275,000 cases, including nearly 7,500 deaths.

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