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posted 10:53PM
Thu 17th Nov 2016
So ive just moved into Dural and i can only get ADSL2 here.....ive recently had telstra connected and i have huge speed issues and connectivity issues. they tell me its because im too far from the exchange (5.6km) ....my question is do all providers use the same exchange ? or do lets say TPG, Optus and Telstra have their own exchanges in diff locations. I dont trust a word they tell me tbh and have some neutral advice here and whether a switch in provider can help
my 4g dongle works really well though so why cant they set up a wifi modem using satelittle instead of phone lines ? thanks
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User: 34909 - 3 posts
Tony Abbot is PURE SCUM!

posted 06:09PM
Wed 4th Jul 2018
You can thank the scummy Liberal government and the scum bag onion eating piece of shit Tony Abbott for STEALING 11 billions dollars out of the NBN coffers when that piece of shit came into power!!
11 Billion dollars that was set aside for the NBN and OPTIC fibre that would have been equal to anything that japan or south korea had in regards to reliability and speed!!
We are less than a third world nation when it comes to our rip off expensive LIE of an internet!!
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maitri shah

posted 04:06PM
Thu 17th Jan 2019
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