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Party On Dudes

posted 11:57AM
Fri 13th May 2016
Hi, we had a fairly long 40 hour plus blackout after heavy storms and now I have noticed that my internet speed has dropped by about 60%. As I'm only about 1.7 k's from the exchange my line speed is always about 12.8 Mbps (1.6 MBps download speed)I have contacted my ISP and their does not seem to be a problem on their end and I'm wondering if there is a problem with the Telstra line. Usually what happens after very heavy storms is the phone stops working and the internet really slows down, but this time the phone is still working ok but my internet speed has dropped by over half. Is it also possible that Telstra can connect 2 ADSL2+ connections on the same port as I live in a regional area and ports might not be that readily available at the exchange, hence the halving in speed as well. Thanks for reading.
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posted 08:44PM
Mon 31st Oct 2016
I feel u am having same thing 3 yrs steady speed then half after negighbor had 4+ visits from tlstra in a week my speed halved after 3rd and am being told nothing can be done;wondering same thing ? awaiting answers
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