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posted 07:48PM
Tue 9th Jun 2020
Robert Halfon, a Conservative MP who chairs the Commons education select committee, says the UK is risking an "epidemic of educational poverty".

He was responding to the news that the government intends to drop plans for all primary school students in England to return to classrooms before the end of term.

"We're a strange country in which we turn a blind eye to mass demonstrations all over in every city, we campaign for pubs and cafes to open, and yet we say to open schools before September is too risky. Yet all the evidence from the World Health Organization, from many other European Union countries, from the chief medical officer in the UK, suggests otherwise.

"We are potentially damaging children's life chances. People worry about the pandemic but in the future there might be an epidemic of educational poverty."

Halfon added that he thought the government should "think again" about abandoning the plan and called for schools to continue being reopened in phases.

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posted 07:18PM
Mon 15th Jun 2020
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