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posted 08:45PM
Wed 6th Apr 2016
Hello all. I am about to move to a rural property located 8.4kms from the Boonah (Qld 4310) telephone exchange. I have contacted Bigpond (Telstra) three times now, to see about getting any kind of ADSL service connected to my new digs (there are phone sockets in the house, so the phone has been connected there previously), the people that I eventually get to speak with don't sound like they have the first clue about what they're trying to advise me about. This is of great concern to me, as it would appear that the only ISP that uses the Boonah telephone exchange is Telstra. Any ideas anybody? Yes, I am aware of mobile broadband, & I am aware of satellite broadband, but due to their much higher cost, I would much rather connect to the internet via an ADSL connection if possible. Many Thanks.
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