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posted 09:23PM
Sat 8th Aug 2015

I'm just arrived in Australia, VIC 3167

Basically to be simple, I'm in co-location, and the main Internet is Optus (with PSTN phone line).
I cannot cancel this line of subscription or move to another provider (landlord), but I can rent a new one.

My Optus connection have huge lag/jitter (up to 5sec !!! to the gateway) ... I'm connected by ethernet to the modem.

I already check twice : line, plug, filters, modem and replace/try with known working equipment, with the same results ; That's Optus fault for sure, I supposed they active a kind of bad traffic shaping, that even drop some packets as well :((

The line characteristics :
down up
Sync line (Kbps) : 7771 717
Atten (dB) : 34.5 19.4
SNR Margin (dB) : 10.6 13.5

So my question, is it possible to have a second provider (naked ADSL) on a second copper pair ? (I'm living in a House)
And have both subscription up on the same time in 2 different copper pairs and providers ?

What the recommended provider for my area, VIC 3167 ?

Thanks in advance


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