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posted 01:20PM
Sun 7th Jun 2015
Hi Guys,

Kindly help me out if you have an idea about the best ADSL2+ provider in ALTONA VIC 3018. When I submit the address lookup on the web site, it does not come up with any results. So struggling to find the good provider. I am looking for an unlimited plan with high speed/connectivity

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User: 20087 - 1 posts
West is best

posted 04:41PM
Fri 31st Jul 2015
You can use Telstra or any Telstra off net plan (i.e. TPG, internode, iinet). Have a look at their "Off net" plans. They are usually more expensive, because it is essentially a "re-sale" plan by which they pay Telstra the majority of the money to lease their DSL.

Util there is more DSLAMs at the Altona exchange, that is your only option (I also live in Altona).
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Tue 16th Apr 2019
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