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Don Juan
Where's My Internets Gone?

posted 02:02PM
Thu 30th Apr 2015

I am 1019 metres from BURD exchange as the crow flies with an estimated cable length 1579.45 metres. Estimated speed of 17000. I got these results from this website. My actual speed test results are about 10 megabytes download and .65 upload.

My Situation:
We've had naked ADSL with Optus for about five years with no serious issues until recently. We signed with Optus for an entertainment bundle, which includes an active landline. The landline was provisioned 30 March 15. Over the past 1.5 weeks there's been ongoing issues with jitter and packet loss. This has now stopped me from playing online games using regular servers that I've accessed for more than three years. Iíve tried every server (7) and Iím getting massive ping and stuttering which results in being kicked from the server.

I've reset the existing Netgear DGND3700 router and also tested the line using an Optus approved Netgear DGN2200 and this didn't make a difference so my existing wireless router is fine. I've reinstalled all network drivers on PC and reset firewall. I've monitored PC bandwidth and nothing is hogging bandwidth. Iíve run tracert to optusnet.com.au and thereís clearly an issue with their server(s) at different times. Iíve sent this to Optus and theyíre reviewing this information. Iíve been using PingPlotter to run extended monitoring on optusnet.com.au at 2.5 second intervals and I am getting about 70% to 80% packet loss with bad jitter.

So, my question to anyone is what do you think has changed or is happening at the moment? I asked Optus if it was because we changed the plan and they said no. Our entertainment pack includes many streaming internet channels. I wonder if this new package has resulted in Optus changing servers so traffic is prioritised differently as in data vs video as I read ISP will do thisÖ Anyhow, just trying to figure out what to do because Optus just keeps telling me itís congestion but apparently my complaint has been referred to a level two network team for review.

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User: 18698 - 1 posts

posted 06:59PM
Mon 25th May 2015
I was very interested to read your post as we switched to an entertainment package a few days ago and I have had a lot of problems and am wishing we hadn't changed. I play online games as well via ps4 and have been booted from games a number of times and when not booted, have noticed a lot of lag. I have the same router as you and was wondering whether to try another one but it was fine before this change.
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Out loud

posted 11:11PM
Wed 27th May 2015
I agree. Optus has been a crap service since we moved from 350 GB bundle to unlimited Home plan bundle. We used to get 12 Mbps down and speed was pretty consistent. Now on most occasions, it is just unbearably slow. Ping latency drops to 4000 - 7000 ms sometimes, mostly at the night.

I have had a number of calls to Optus customer rep and technical support and all they tell is just lies. The first time, they told that someone was downloading torrent. I then just turned off the wifi and hooked up straight to the Ethernet port, no change.

The second time, they mention that the home phone is pulling in high voltage hence causing issues in broadband. So I changed the phones, still no change.

Third time, a guy explains that its a congestion issue, and credits me with a 27$ refund. I wonder how congestions can happen in the night time and the other half of our town moving on to the NBN service while we are stuck with ADSL.

The thing is Optus customer rep are not consistent and all they tell you is lies to cover up when the actual issue is on their side. I would actually be calm if they told me the truth about what is going on. All they feed and treat you as if you are stupid.

I would never recommend Optus to anyone. Straight dishonest *****ing over-marketed crappy company!
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User: 18898 - 1 posts

posted 11:10PM
Mon 1st Jun 2015
We used to have Optus Cable at our old house (where we rented) and had to change to ADSL2+ at our new address (we bought the house), and since then, have been lucky to get 2mbps at any given time (including 2am). Lately, we have been getting dropouts constantly, and Optus are blaming the slow speeds on congestion, though we are 1.6km from the nearest exchange. Optus have told us we should be getting approx 12mbps, but they have not offered any solutions on how to fix this.
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I want faster internet!

posted 12:13PM
Thu 30th Jul 2015
2km from the exchange, line speed fluctuates between 2.0 & 0.9 mbps.
Several techs have come out and said they have fixed it, increasing the speed to 5.0 mbps. However that only last for a few hours and the speeds drop back down.

We all have similar stories. How do we get these resolved?
Everyone from Optus tells me that is normal and that there is nothing they can do.

How can they advertise ADSL2+ in your area, but then only provide you with ADSL speeds?
Apparently this is expectable as well.

My understand was you'd received 20 mbps closer to the exchange, and it would slow to 10-12mbps as a minimum. Anything less isn't ADSL2+
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User: 20090 - 1 posts

posted 10:43PM
Fri 31st Jul 2015
I'm in the same boat as you guys,i'm so sick of optus excuses,my download speed has drop from 10 mbps to 1 mbps if i'm lucky and all this started from the moment i sign up to this new plans they still offering with unlimited data,now i'm stuck with them for two years,i just don't know what to do,so damn sick of it and optus doesn't give a damn about it as long as they get their money every month they won't care a single bit.maybe i should get in contact with fair trading and see what happens.
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posted 05:46PM
Mon 5th Aug 2019
Don Juan writes..

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Kermit Frost
Autem deleniti accusantium sit

posted 03:32PM
Fri 13th Sep 2019
To reach at the perfect station to show the proper channels you have the proper wiring system. Sometimes there is the need of research paper writing services reviews that are too important in giving the updates.
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