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posted 03:12PM
Sat 27th Sep 2014
I would like to ask if is there any electricians that can add internet ports in werribee silvergum street because telstra is saying its full already.
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User: 15206 - 1 posts

posted 07:17PM
Mon 29th Sep 2014

Telstra have confirmed that there are no ports available on their exchange and have no plans to add any new ones.

Optus has been full for over 4 years now and they too have no plans to add new ones either.

The West is being screwed by the state and federal governments.
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User: 12050 - 5 posts
Why Make a Slogan Compulsory ?

posted 02:11AM
Mon 3rd Nov 2014
Exchange Expansions have ceased since the inception of the NBN. Telstra have no incentive to expand their exchange capacity since their network will be overbuilt by the NBN in the next couple of years. DSL equipment isnt cheap either, and it will probably not have paid off the cost of the upgrade by the time the NBN is ready in that area and the equipment will need to be decommissioned.

Sorry for the bad news. We just have to sit and be patient for the NBN.
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User: 13037 - 1 posts

posted 07:44PM
Sat 21st Feb 2015
Telstra has a bad habit of hiding ports on lines that don't use ADSL. They more than likely have some free but don't want to give them away unless you sign up for a couple of years...
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