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Comfortable life

posted 07:52PM
Sat 6th Jun 2020
Those arriving in Delhi, India's capital, will now need to quarantine themselves for seven days instead of 14.

The reduced home quarantine will apply to those arriving via flights, trains and buses, reported local media.

The change in rules comes just as Delhi witnessed a rise in cases this week as lockdown relaxations kicked in, including the reopening of salons and barbershops.

The capital has reported more than 23,000 cases so far and the city has over a 100 containment zones.

Meanwhile, India's death toll crossed 6,000 on Thursday as its total tally of infections jumped beyond 200,000, according to health ministry data.

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Sophia Byrne
Sophia Byrne

posted 06:07PM
Mon 8th Jun 2020
This disease is very dangerous, has killed more than 6000 people. Hope to have the vaccine soon. animal crossing
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