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posted 04:32PM
Wed 2nd Jul 2014
Now, if you want me to pay your bill here are a few hints:
1) Clearly tell me what its for, and how much (TICK - you got that bit)
2) Put a payment method on the bill, not an empty box where it should go.
3) Put a phone number, or postal address on it.
4) Make sure the ABN you put on there is yours
5) On your website, list any of the above information.
6) Respond to even one of the 20+ emails I have sent you.
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User: 10823 - 4 posts

posted 04:19PM
Thu 17th Jul 2014
?????? dude im confused as to why you're getting invoices from ADSL2+ exchanges.....
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User: 14925 - 2 posts
thomas the tank engine
choo choo

posted 06:48PM
Wed 10th Sep 2014
pay my bill pls
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