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Comfortable life

posted 08:26PM
Fri 5th Jun 2020
How many people have it?

The number of infections in homes in England is falling.

The Office for National Stastics estimates that 1 in 1,000 (0.1%) people in the England have coronavirus in community settings. That equates to 53,000 people.

This is considerably lower than last week's estimate of 133,000 and 137,000 and 148,00 in the two weeks before that.

There are wide margins of error around each of these figures (the 133,000 could be between 62,000 and 250,000), so its hard to be sure that figures have halved in a week but the ONS are confident that the trend is downwards.

New infections per day

The ONS further estimate that there are about 5,600 new infections per day in homes in England.

Last week's was 7,700, the week before 8,700.

One in five (22%) report experiencing symptoms on the day of the test.

This is only for households in England. Getting tests from households means this doesnt cover infections in places like hospitals, care homes or prisons.

Self-adminstering a swab test is not easy, and so the pilot may be missing some current / new infections because of poorly completed swabs.

This week, the ONS analyzed data from 19,723 households. Among those households, there were 21 infections (down from 36 in the last set of figures

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Tom Hiddleston

posted 06:03PM
Mon 8th Jun 2020
This rapid spread is also due to the custom of greeting each other by close contact in this country. People need to be warned to halt these actions until the country controls the disease. mapquest directions
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