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User: 54804 - 54 posts

posted 11:46PM
Tue 7th Apr 2020
In Destiny 2, how do I find friends to raid with?
What are your tips?
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User: 58104 - 4 posts

posted 06:39PM
Wed 8th Apr 2020
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User: 58113 - 1 posts

posted 09:10PM
Wed 8th Apr 2020
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User: 54806 - 52 posts

posted 10:10PM
Wed 8th Apr 2020
If your on the xbox one, pin it to your dashboard then scroll through it and you will find a option to make a group post. That will create a friend's and players wanted to play Destiny 2 post that will be sent as a notification to your friends and one that can be seen on the destiny home screen of other players
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User: 54750 - 51 posts
all is well

posted 10:16PM
Wed 8th Apr 2020
Hi, how good are you at the game already? First check out that resource Destiny 2 LFG I used to apply to. Great guys, that managed to help me within a couple of days. They are real professionals. Then it would be a high time to deal with some expert groups on Quora or Steam as a variant. Good luck
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User: 61278 - 1 posts

posted 04:22PM
Wed 13th May 2020
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User: 61667 - 1 posts
anbe sivam

posted 03:20PM
Mon 18th May 2020
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User: 62062 - 1 posts

posted 01:48AM
Fri 22nd May 2020
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User: 62600 - 1 posts
anbe sivam

posted 04:35PM
Wed 27th May 2020
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