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User: 46838 - 27 posts

posted 08:04PM
Tue 7th Apr 2020
Cineworld bosses have deferred their pay packets for the past year after the company was forced to shut its entire portfolio of 787 cinemas.

The world’s second largest cinema operator said it is also suspending payment of its proposed dividend for the fourth quarter, as it looks to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

It said the Government-mandated closure of cinemas has been “extremely challenging”.

Cineworld said it has put on hold the payment of a 4.25 cents per share dividend payout for the final quarter of 2019 and upcoming 2020 quarterly dividends.
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posted 05:24AM
Tue 5th May 2020
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posted 05:22PM
Sun 21st Jun 2020
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posted 06:39PM
Wed 15th Jul 2020
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posted 12:46PM
Wed 22nd Jul 2020
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posted 09:05AM
Thu 12th Nov 2020
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posted 07:37PM
Thu 3rd Dec 2020
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posted 03:22AM
Wed 23rd Dec 2020
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posted 01:33AM
Mon 1st Mar 2021
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