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posted 05:27PM
Sat 10th Nov 2012
Hi, this site was recommended to me to check out my options. I threw my address at it and this is what came out...

You are 254 m from PKAM as the crow flies.
Estimated cable length of 419.1 m.
Estimated speed of 24000
Zone 2

It also lists Telstra ADSL 1, and ADSL2+ as the only active providers. I hope this is not true. The best speed i've clocked with telstra on a new laptop and wi-fi modem is about 1.6 mb per second, and that's a rare occurrence. Could someone please help me with why i'm not getting what I should be getting, and how I can get something better?

Thanks in advance,
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maitri shah

posted 04:14PM
Thu 17th Jan 2019
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posted 07:37AM
Sun 11th Aug 2019
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User: 42954 - 9 posts

posted 06:31AM
Mon 26th Aug 2019
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posted 06:35PM
Tue 27th Aug 2019

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posted 05:30AM
Tue 8th Oct 2019
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