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posted 02:52PM
Tue 2nd Jun 2020
Japan Expo Malaysia to host an online event Japanese necks will get ready for this 18-19 July

After being the pioneer of the largest Japanese event in Asia with the "Japan JAPAN EXPO THAILAND" of the year, which has been held in Thailand for 6 years and has expanded the event to Malaysia. Under JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA, the largest comprehensive Japanese event in Malaysia And received feedback from fans Japanese lovers of entertainment, which gather artists from J-POP, J-ROCK, including activities in education, tourism, fashion, art, culture, food and Japanese goods, etc., which makes it a event that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the event. Of JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA this year

The schedule of this year's JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA will take place on Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 July 2020 in an online format. As Malaysia has been severely affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. There is a lockdown for the people to stay in the house. The team decided to change the format of the event to be online under the name JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2020 "GOES VIRTUAL".

Although the format of the event has changed But entertainment and fun are still full And the organizer hopes that The VIRTUAL EVENT event will be another way to encourage everyone, including artists who want to be a driving force for people who love Japanese artists, as well as an Exhibitor that can also promote the icon. Content relating to Japan in this way

Prepare to watch the LIVE! Via FB: Japan Expo Malaysia and Youtube: JAPAN NAVI from G-U Creative from Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 July 2020.

Update more information here. >> joker123

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