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posted 08:52PM
Mon 1st Jun 2020
Thousands of Britons revolt in protest against "George Floyd"

The Xinhua News Agency reported that Thousands of British people have protested in London and Manchester. In order to demand justice for Mr George Floyd, a black man who had been strangled by police using his knee to suffocate and died in the state of Minnesota in the United States.
Despite a ban banning announcements in the United Kingdom But protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square. London's landmark after 1pm on Sunday Before walking past the Westminster district to Downing Street Which is the location of the Government House Ready to shout that "Without justice Is quiet. "While some of them held signs that read "Black lives have meaning."

In addition, the protesters gathered in Manchester. And outside of the US embassy in London too

The London metropolitan police said via Twitter that it had learned about the protests outside the US embassy. In which police officers were stationed in the protest area And are dealing with the demonstrators with appropriate plans

Follow other news here. >> joker123

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