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posted 01:59PM
Fri 13th Jan 2012
Bare with me while i do my best to explain the situation!

Ive contacted 4 ISP's, iinet, internode, spintel and telstrabigpond with regards to an ADSL2+ or even an ADSL connection, and all of them have reported that we live too far from the exchange and that the cable length is somwhere around 8km in length resulting in too high of a transmission loss.

Fair enough, I know enough to know that, that indeed IS too far.

However heres why im perplexed:

1) The exchange is 2.3km away from my house by road.
2) Our house is the newest in the area and the phone service line was connected by a telstra serviceman.
3) Our next door neighbors have perfectly fine adsl2+ connections.
4) Our next door neighbour who lives further from the exchanges cable length is estimated at 3.1km.
5) A Wireless connection is not an option.

Ive explained this to all of the isp's and explained it about 5 times now to various departments inside telstra getting absolutely nowhere every time.

I KNOW 8km is too far away, what im looking for is an answer as to why on earth we have been hooked up to a cable thats probably running AWAY from the exchange adding that extra 5km on, and if there is anything anyone out there might be able to help with.

I just want a decent net connection!!
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if you aint first, your last

posted 09:17AM
Wed 15th Feb 2012
I, I have had a similar issue with a client, what you need to do is go back and get them to retest the line properly. and if that doesnt work get them to resubmit them manually.

If you need any help or have a question let me know here
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knocked down! got back up

posted 08:40PM
Fri 23rd Mar 2012
Hi. The phone network is built in a set of distributed stars; the centre of each star is one of little grey pillars you sometimes see, often with a techs van parked beside it. So it is possible for someone who is in a home near to you to be on a 'a different star' that makes their connection relatively straight, when yours might hook back from further out.. sounds wierd but years ago when networks were built by slide rule it was a good plan.

I think it's possible that there is a data error in the data talbes used to tell the agent whether your address "qualifies" for ADSL. this has happened on a few occasions and sometimes the error occurs to a cluster of addresses in one area as the data error can be on just one piece of the connection between the exchange and you. There are many reasons that one address can get ADSL when a enarby one cannot, and what I've described is just two possibilities from a multitude.

The biggest challenge is getting someone who will listen long enough to escalate your problem deeper into the organisation to get it looked into. I don't think I have the answer for that though. My advice-- do everything in writing, do it regularly, if you can't get help keep escalating till you get an answer that the database is checled and OK, and whether you are on Pair-Gain.. if you are ... sorry no go. but at least you know.

sometimes getting a new line put in resolves this if you specify it must be for broadband use or it is not required.. crazy but true.

good luck
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posted 06:44PM
Fri 7th Dec 2012
BaristaDad agree with you completely, i work for an ISP and we sometimes get these things. However, if telstra go out there. confirm there network is correct. that you are indeed on a 8Km cable, that hooks around as baristadad advised, your likely to receive a fee for it, Telstra don't like doing things for no reason, and currently the incorrect call out fee for ADSL is $150. So, if you are willing to risk it, which i would take it you are, i know i would be, do what baristadad has said, just be aware of this fee that they may charge.
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