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User: 7557 - 2 posts
B Boy Rock

posted 11:18PM
Tue 25th Oct 2011
My exchange http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/viewexchange.php?Exchange=KOYU has had ADsl2+ "proposed" for it for a long time now. What does it actually mean though for ADSL2+ to be proposed? Is it in specific relation to the exchange or is it just from a vague telstra report saying. "Alright we're planning to upgrade all the exchanges in country Victoria in the next 50 years"? If there really are actual sources your getting this information from I'd like to know. Also for this exchange ADSL1 "No Ports" that sounds like none are free to me and I'm under the impression no ports actually exist. If you could tell me what that's meant to mean it'd be much appreciated as well.

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User: 415 - 5 posts
Telecommunications made simple

posted 05:09PM
Mon 2nd Apr 2012
Jump onto the Telstra Wholesale website and download the ADSL reports which may give you a date as to when proposed becomes reality.
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User: 7557 - 2 posts
B Boy Rock

posted 03:54PM
Mon 11th Mar 2013
My exchange is not and as far as I know has never been listed in those reports. If I am missing something could you please point it out? My exchange is still as linked above.
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User: 38344 - 1 posts
Yoshi Johnston
Voluptatibus sint deserunt err

posted 04:54PM
Sat 30th Mar 2019
Here is on the point of the propose mean in the field of the exchange is still same for the love and for the reactions of the life too. I was just watching the video that was about the propose on the edusson reviews were saying to the books that they love them allots.
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