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posted 03:12PM
Thu 28th May 2020
US Airlines announces a 30% cut in staff costs due to reduced revenue

Foreign news agencies reported that Two leading US airline companies have announced a 30% reduction plan as a result of the covid-19 epidemic.
American Airlines Group, the owner of American Airlines, sent a letter to the employees stating that they plan to reduce management and support staff by about 30%, with a policy to voluntarily quit first. But if employees join the voluntary resignation program that does not meet the target, they must order to lay off the employees to meet the goals.

United Airlines Holdings, the owner of United Airlines, has also announced a plan to reduce administrative and administrative staff by about 30% as well, when federal funding ends in the fall.

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posted 04:28PM
Tue 22nd Sep 2020
US airlines are doing this in the best regards of COVID-19 situation. Thanks for sharing this with us which 99papers review help to manage their work. NBN and ADSL2+ have been discussed over here. Technology has been improving everything all along the world.
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