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User: 7317 - 3 posts
Really Telstra? Really????

posted 01:19AM
Sun 20th Mar 2011
I live in a rural community, since November last year nothing but problems, I have to say Telstra are shonky to all accounts.
First problems with the exchange and Telstra reps first gave me false advice and contradiction to events and blamed the ISP. Then they shapped my net and im with Netspace (now owned by iiNet) from a 8mb to around 2mb line speed.
Ok the exchange is congestered - 6mths now - i chose to go to a 1.5mb and im fluctuating between 512 to 1mb connection speed.

This is beyond a joke, Seriously Netspace should have kept me on a 8mb profile and charged me for a 1.5mb plan due to the innability to substain a connection - its between the ISP and Telstra and Telstra should be forced to not charge ISP's if they are having failures in providing the services.

I requested Netspace to put me on a profile to guarentee a 1.5mb connection and just refused. My net is a joke, jpg files on web pages dont load, games both on the pc or ps3 gives me error messages saying i disconnected from the internet and my modem is still connected with the internet - the reason why games are saying this is because the speed issues are fluctuating and going below speeds that the game can handle. It isnt right that us the people should have to pay absurd amounts for a product that cant be delivered either, I dont have any choices and quite simply me paying the 50 dollar fee for a 1.5 connection is really isnt right. Nor the fact of being told to go on a profile of 8mb to acheive a 1.5 connection speed i have to pay 90 dollars a month.

Now the business with ISP's and the wholesaler Telstra its their business and not us the consumer, If Telstra cant supply then they should be charging less to ISP's apart from all these organisations making heaps of money of us anyway. Also if Telstra isnt capable of fixing the problems especially in 6mths or more there is something serisously wrong with their abilities and they should be be sacked and their business should be applied to a company or organisation that can fix issues up.

If it wasnt for us the consumer these companies wouldnt exist in the first place and they make millions to billions dollars in profit a year - hey who gives a crap about us the people who pay for them to eat or be in business.

Really Netspace wouldnt have suffered much in respect other than meeting an advertised plan if they were to put me back onto a 8mb profile to gaurentee a 1.5 mb connection - at least their customer would be getting their internet they are paying for. It is also stupid how companies can charge to consumer for their failures whether it be Telstra or Netspace or any ISP such as in the whole time frame of this happening to me on an 8mb I shouldnt have been charged 90 dollars - minimun speeds are designed only for short periods of time and not a constituated fact of periods of 6mths 24/7

I was told that Testra can deregulate an area - seriously if Telstra can do that then they should be put through the rafters as they breach the governments polocy of broadband to everyone. Apart from their greed determines peoples lives who us the consumer is the reason why they exist.

This matter is now being sent to the TIO and another thing is on this site is is showing the exchange doeen to be no problems and if this site is legit on the information they provide and is upto date then that would substitute being told lies.

iiNet if you read this please resolve my problem
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User: 7317 - 3 posts
Really Telstra? Really????

posted 02:00AM
Mon 21st Mar 2011
Apparantly they cant even offer stable connections as the internet cut out completely just then, which now determines that the next payment due for internet will not be paid. As will be contacting the TIO tomorrow and until this matter is resolved 100 percent then no future payments will be made.

To provide a service which is continiously faulty - regardless whether its telstra or the ISP shouldnt be the burden of the customer. By Netspaces polocies in regards to a faulty service no charges can be made to the customer - really???? well why does a rep from them who acknowledges that the service being paid for is impossible to produce.

A 8mb connection speed when prior to november last year was always 7mb and after november for a hell of a long time it went below a 256 connection even, then telsta caps the speed of the plan im on to 2mb - a drop of 5mbs and anyone is australia having this problem should not have to pay the fees****ociated to the plan they are on - it isnt the consumers fault. I then drop my plan to a 1.5 and currently having speeds of 512 and total disconection while line is still synced. None of the issues are from my end and its unaceptable who cant produce their plans to their customers should be entitled to full rates of that plan - really about 75 percent decrease on the 8mb plan - the fee is 90 dollars a mth well that should be reduced to 30 dollars as that is really the plan they can produce.

If telstra cant provide the services to the ISP then telstra should be charging less for their imputant services that they fail to produce. But that isnt the customers problem now isnt it - so in all respect the maximun rate i should have paid for internet for when i was on a 8mb plan should be 20-30 dollars regardless.

The amount I should be paying now due to the current issues on speed on a pathetic 1.5mb connection that fails regularary should be approx 0 dollars. 6mth - what is the people of australia stay put while they have no net or speeds that cant load web pages, stay connected to the gaming server on the ps3 or pc or xbox, even stay connected online

Telstra and ISP's make millions and there isnt any excuse for them to give the customer the plan they chose
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User: 7344 - 1 posts
Never give up

posted 05:03PM
Sat 16th Apr 2011
Hi LexxeL

You're having the same (well, similar) problem that I had for some months, only mine involved frequent dropouts, and lousy speeds (often upload was faster than download)the dropouts often for long periods.

Iinet and Telstra made adjustments but the problem soon returned, particularly after a short period of rain.

Then, after at least one visit, Telstra sent out a tech who knew about internet -- and the problem ceased to exist, after he re-made joints (the cable type) in two pits out in the street.

The clue was line noise - that is, line noise so bad that sometimes it was hard to make out what callers were saying. Our broadband connection sometimes restored whilst using the landline phone - eg, when talking to Telstra, who claimed the problem was rectified - and then dropped out soon after hanging up.

I'd even gone to the point of replacing two routers, but the problem remained. Now, we haven't had a dropout since the tech waved the magic wand AND speed has improved. We're due for ADSL2+ in June, so hopefully, speed will increase further.

So, if line noise is evident, get onto Telstra and demand they send out an internet-savvy tech.

Hope all this helps.

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User: 39506 - 2 posts
Stay hungry

posted 05:37PM
Sat 27th Apr 2019
I have the exact same problem and the matter is now being sent to the TIO.
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User: 47908 - 1 posts
Whilemina Bradshaw
Quis aut recusandae Qui ut vo

posted 09:56PM
Mon 25th Nov 2019
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User: 48086 - 28 posts
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posted 03:40PM
Tue 17th Dec 2019
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User: 47019 - 17 posts

posted 05:01AM
Wed 8th Jan 2020
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User: 44468 - 10 posts

posted 07:53PM
Thu 9th Jan 2020
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User: 45145 - 17 posts

posted 09:11PM
Fri 14th Feb 2020
The major issues with the Telstra alter and revisions were staring to give me false and contradictory advice to events and blame the ISP. I got to know about essay service last week. Then they shake my net and IM with Netspace (now owned by iiNet) from an 8mb to a speed of 2mb.
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