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posted 05:54PM
Wed 27th May 2020
Research has shown the disease virus "Covid-19" in "breast milk". Doctors suggest avoiding breastfeeding if the mother is sick.


German research team found a virus in sick mother's milk And children who drink breast milk are also infected But have not confirmed that the infection from mother through breast milk or other doctors recommend avoiding breastfeeding if the mother is sick
Previously, there has been no further research that mothers with patients suffering from Covid-19 Is there a virus that is passed on to breastmilk with breast milk as a staple food in the mother's milk? The WHO can still recommend breastfeeding for mothers. But recent German research has found a virus in the breast milk that is sick.

The result of the RT-PCR test shows that 1 mother has detected a virus in milk. In the period of symptoms of cowvid-19 for approximately 9 days, which can be detected for up to 3 days

The research team estimates that there is a virus in the milk around 94,800-132,000 per cc and found that the child of this mother was infected. But could not prove that it was caught from the milk that was eaten Or from other ways

This research reinforces caution. And still need more research in this population to lead to a summary of guidelines or recommendations regarding breastfeeding of mothers who are infected with Covid-19.

But in this era that we do not have standard drugs and vaccines to prevent Women who are pregnant and have symptoms similar to the common cold or flu. Or have other symptoms Suspected to be a symptom of Covid-19, such as red-eye smelling and could not smell Unable to eat food, taste, etc. should be consulted with a doctor to check the screening for infection or not. Will have a plan for effective care and disease prevention

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