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posted 01:03PM
Mon 24th Jan 2011
Firstly I would like to say this is an amazing site and I wish I had found it years ago.

Its been about 6 weeks now that I have been trying to find any broadband provider to no avail. I purchased a house on Mybo Court in Munno Para West, SA. The road is recently new and so doesn't appear on google yet or on the maps provided on this site. It is to the north of Chellaston Rd between Burwood Rd and Cartright Drive. Using this site I am imaging that if I am able to get broadband it will come from the Smithfield exchange as I fall within its boundry.

I noticed that there are a lot of green RIMs in my area like BURWOOD RD MUNO PRA W (SMFD-DA062 84 Ports Free). I have read the F.A.Q on the site and I am a little bit confused. Does the prence of RIMs near my street indicate that I won't be able to receive broadband or if I do need access to a RIM to get broadband how close do I need to be to be able to use it?

I have tried Optus (no capacity from the charts here) and Telstra who just said they don't service my area and Internode who were helpful but said that they need would need to use Telstra's lines as they don't have the infrustructure in the area.

Is anyone able to provide me any advice on how I can get some confirmation from these companies of whether I can or can't get broadband at my house?
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posted 03:03PM
Tue 29th Jan 2019
What are your requirements for your bandwidth? angry birds 2
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