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posted 05:20PM
Fri 21st Jan 2011
Hello, I recently applied for a Naked DSL service through Dodo, now I know they go through the Optus network. They told me that the exchange I'm connected to is currently full, I found this website here and thought well I'll look up my phone number or address, sure enough the exchange for Langwarrin is in Karingal (KALG) the status says for the Optus network No Ports - Unable to Expand. I'm just curious if Optus will upgrade this exchange at some stage as I guess they have been losing alot of customers due to this and every other network exchange in the area is available.

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posted 05:23PM
Mon 19th Nov 2018
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posted 04:29PM
Fri 16th Aug 2019
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posted 03:51PM
Thu 5th Dec 2019
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posted 06:00PM
Fri 24th Jan 2020
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