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posted 09:31PM
Tue 18th Jan 2011
Hi, I've just received word from our ISP (Internode) That the exchange at Stokers Siding (NSW) is congested, and our speeds have been capped in the area by Telstra (Exchange owners)

As you guys can imagine, since we're only on an ADSL1 line, when we get capped our speeds drop horribly. We're currently experiencing pings of 200-600 80% of the day, and download speeds of 50-200kbps when we should be receiving 800-1mbps (Which is what I use to receive)

This has been an ongoing issue for well over 5 months now, but it's only recently gotten this bad.

Does anyone have any idea when our exchanged will be fixed? Our ISP has already proposed to Telstra to upgrade our exchange, and yet no word.
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Kato Mcconnell
Qui harum quisquam autem dolor

posted 05:14PM
Tue 26th Mar 2019
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posted 12:32AM
Thu 30th May 2019
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