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User: 7109 - 2 posts
I know Nuffin

posted 04:05PM
Sat 2nd Oct 2010
Was previously on ADSL 1 FAST 8 MPBS down with internode,and just changed to and am currently on the NAKED ADSL 2+ 150GIG account with Internode.

My Modem is a Netgear DG834DG and it tells me its downstream is 8649kps
and upstream is 812kps. My Exhange is Corrimal and Interode tell me my line is 2km from exchange. Line attenuation is 37db Down and 11.5 Up ( i have know idea what that means)

My argument is my Speed has NOT changed from the previous ADSL 1 Fast , but they tell me I am on a adsl 2+ connection and the speed is normal for the distance.

Are they right or do you think I should be getting better Downstream speed.
I feel that I am on the same line as before, they say they have changed my profile THREE times and thats all they can do. But I feel that I am not getting what I was promised.

My usage meter now says its 150GIG and I got a NEW login name and password, I have reeboted my modem several time.

By the way the OZ speed test tells me the line speed is 6092 kps down and 726 kps up
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User: 4638 - 2 posts

posted 02:53PM
Mon 4th Oct 2010
that may be perhaps the maximum speed your modem can sync at.

Check on the modem which adsl format its syncing with.
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User: 7115 - 1 posts

posted 03:06AM
Tue 5th Oct 2010
That modem is ADSL2+. They are right since 8649kbps is above the theoretical downlink for ADSL, so you are synced at either ADSL2 or ADSL2+, thus you must be getting a higher speed. Perhaps the quality of your phone line might be poor, or you've plugged the modem into the wrong port of the filter or not using a filter/spliiter at all, or you've got a corded phone on the line, or the phone cable is too long or of poor quality, or the modem firmware is out of date. 37dB down seems more like 3km than 2km. Should be getting around 10000kbps sync.
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User: 7109 - 2 posts
I know Nuffin

posted 07:16PM
Tue 5th Oct 2010
Thanks for the Reply
Its naked Adsl, So I have eliminated the Phones, and thus theres no filters.
My Mate tells me he's getting the same service this week, so I am waiting for his results as hes getting a new modem aswell, and is currently on 1.5MPS down.
So Ill post my results next week
Cheers for your info
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User: 38795 - 5 posts
Bernard S. Hawkins

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User: 43401 - 1 posts
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posted 07:00PM
Tue 3rd Sep 2019
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User: 51394 - 3 posts
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